• Ecoyogi Classic yoga mat 183 cm - Midnight
  • Ecoyogi Classic yoga mat 183 cm - Midnight
  • Ecoyogi Classic yoga mat 183 cm - Midnight
  • Ecoyogi Classic yoga mat 183 cm - Midnight
  • Ecoyogi Classic yoga mat 183 cm - Midnight

Ecoyogi Classic yoga mat 183 cm - Midnight

A PVC yoga mat with all the benefits of PVC. It’s a strong material, with optimal grip and can be used both inside and outside.
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ECOYOGI CLASSIC MAT - MIDNIGHT (incl. carrying strap)

Mats made from PVC have the advantage of being very durable and they can take a beating. Unfortunately, PVC has chemical additives, making the material potentially harmful for humans and environment. Luckily, this isn’t the case with this PVC yoga mat. This is because the product has been successfully tested by the SGS test agency, making sure that the mat is completely absent of any chemical additives. You can benefit by getting this environmentally friendly, strong mat with optimal grip for use indoors as well as outdoors.

Specifications Ecoyogi Classic Mat

Length: 183 of 200 cm.
Width: 61 cm
Thickness: 0,6 cm
Color: Dark blue
Material: PVC with SGS certificate. Mats are free of chemical additives like plasticizers and coloring agents.
Suited for: beginning and experienced yoga practitioners.

Advantages Ecoyogi Classic Mat

• lightweight making it easy to carry.
• Odor free
• Ensures grip and feels comfortable
• Completely free of chemicals
• 100% recyclable
• The mat can be used outdoors as well

Use and maintenance

A disadvantage of the classis Yoga mat is that it will lose its grip in wet conditions. You can solve this problem by using a Yoga towel. An example of a proper yoga towel is the Ecoyogi Hot Yoga Towel.

You can clean the mat with a cloth or a soft brush and water. Add a few drops of ecological washing powder to the water, before you start cleaning the mat. Don’t use bleach, oil nor vinegar. These agents may have a bad effect on the quality of the mat. Prevent soap residue from remaining on the mat by sweeping the mat one last time with water. Always have the surface dry properly before using the mat again. The Classic Yoga Mat is not suitable for a drying machine but can be dried in the sun or a well-ventilated room.

If you just purchased the mat, it can feel a bit oily. This is quite normal and is caused by the manufacturing process, with the oily substance ensuring the mat won’t get stuck to the press. The layer will wear off by itself, but you can speed up this process by cleaning the mat properly and scrub it robustly. The best way to do it, is with a Vileda sponge (non-scratch) and some ecological detergent.

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