• Jade Yoga Harmony Professional 180 cm 2-Tone

Jade Yoga Harmony Professional 180 cm 2-Tone

The most popular Jade yoga mat is the Harmony Professional. This yoga mat provides you with the perfect balance between comfort and stability.
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Jade Harmony Professional 2-Tone 180 cm - Midnight / Slate Blue

The Harmony Professional is an environmentally friendly yoga mat from the United States. In the US, the Jade Harmony has been pronounced the best environmentally friendly yoga mat by Consumersearch.com. The mat has been made from 100% natural rubber and hence does not contain harmful materials. The Jade Harmony's open cell structure guarantees an optimal grip. This means that you will no longer slip while doing your yoga exercises.

Because the Harmony Professional has been made from rubber with an open cell structure, you can say goodbye to slipping, even when the yoga mat gets wet from fluids or sweat. Just try it out! We know for sure that you will agree with us.

Characteristics Jade Yoga Harmony Professional:

Colour:Slate/midnight blue
Length: 180 cm
Width: 61 cm
Depth: 0.5 cm
Weight: 2000 gram
The damping ratio of this yoga mat is approximately equal to that of a 0.65 cm thick PVC mat. There is also a slightly thinner and lighter travel mat available. The only difference with the Jade Harmony Professional is the depth (less attenuation) and the weight. The material properties are completely identical.

Why are Jade Yoga mats nature's best?

  • The mats are environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent grip, hence no slipping.
  • High comfort due to great attenuation.
  • A new tree is planted for every JadeYoga mat sold.
  • Beautiful colours.
  • Recommended by esteemed yogi's and yogini's.

Usage and care Jade yoga mat:

How do I clean my Jade Yoga mat?åÊJade yoga mats function as sponges and hold water. Therefore, we advise you to clean the mat's surface regularly. You can do this easily by wiping off the mat with a cloth wet with regular water. We advise you to clean your mat deeply every once in a while. When you do, it is important to know that the Jade yoga mats function as sponges and hold water and soap. This is also why it is important to rinse the mat extensively and to let it dry well.

To improve the sustainability of your Jade yoga mat, it is advised to use a yoga towel.

You may wash your mat in the bath tub, hose it with the shower head or garden hose or use a front-loading washing machine on a tender washing programme, without centrifuging. In the case that you want to use soap, then you should use a mild detergent. Do not use oil, solvents or abrasives. Subsequently, hang the yoga mat or put it down flat on the floor to dry. Do NOT let it dry in an area where the mat is exposed to direct sunlight.

The Jade yoga Harmony Professional is an environmentally friendly yoga mat from the United States.

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