Black Pro

The Manduka Black PRO line consists of innovative yoga mats. These mats have been designed for optimal performance during a yoga session and go on for a lifetime.

A Manduka Black PRO mat is characterized by a very good anti-slip surface. Therefore, the Black PRO lies firmly, even on various sorts of ground. The cleat pattern on the bottom side of the mat provides a good anti-slip without feeling sticky. The Manduka Black PRO is firm and inelastic, which always gives you the feeling that you're well grounded.

Manduka Black PRO: lifelong warranty
Manduka is the only brand that gives a lifelong warranty against wear and tear of the yoga mats in the PRO and PROlite lines. Manduka mats from these lines shall never blister, decolour or crumble. Even after many years, the mats look as good as new. Therefore, we guarantee you can enjoy your Manduka Black PRO yoga mat for many years and get the fullest out of all of your yoga sessions.

Recommended by professionals: Manduka Black PRO
The Manduka Black PRO is an all-round yoga mat, depicted by professionals as the "Rolls Royce" of the yoga mats. It is rightly so that the Black PRO has been proclaimed the best yoga mat, year after year. Experts praise the high-grade quality and versatility of the Black PRO mats.

The yoga mats from the Manduka Black PRO line are suited for all forms of yoga. Especially people who practice Astangha yoga highly appreciate the Black PRO.

The Manduka Black PRO yoga mat is available in various sizes and colours. In case you are looking for a high-grade, sustainable yoga mat, the Black PRO is undoubtedly a great choice. Moreover, every season, Manduka brings several "limited edition" mats to the market. These mats are only finitely available, so be quick!