eKO - 5mm

The renowned Manduka eKO mat has been renewed and provided with a better functionality. The eKO mat now offers unprecedented grip, even under extremely sweaty circumstances. Besides its superior grip, the mat offers excellent comfort and performance. The eKO mat is environmentally friendly and made from biodegradable rubber. The natural rubber has not been harvested from trees from the Amazon basin. The natural rubber mat supports and provides attenuation to your body, while also contributes to the protection of our planet.

The renewed top side, resembling wavy water, now has an innovative closed cell structure surface. This top side creates a hygienic barrier against the absorption of sweat and bacteria. These natural rubber mats are made without the use of toxic plasticisers or blowing agents, unlike other rubber yoga mats. The eKO mat offers a beautiful future for environmentally and ecologically friendly yoga mats. The eKO mat does not leave an ecological footprint on dumpsites, but shall definitely cause a permanent impression in yoga studios.