Yoga bolster

Buy a multifunctional yoga bolster

At Yogamat Online, you will find a number of yoga accessories, including yoga bolsters. Yoga bolsters are also sometimes referred to as yoga cushions. If you are familiar with the different ways to use a yoga bolster, this might be a valuable yoga prop.

At Yogamat Online, we offer high-quality bolsters, which have been produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. In this article, you will find more information about multiple yoga bolsters that Yogamat Online offers, and the different ways in which you can use a bolster.

How to use a bolster?

Since yoga bolsters have been introduced in the sixties by B.K.S Iyengar, it is still a relatively modern yoga prop. The multifunctionality of a yoga cushion is therefore not known to everyone. Bolsters are especially nice as support during reclining, recovering, and passive yoga positions. For example, support of the back in the butterfly pose, or as support from the hip in the dove pose. A yoga bolster can also function as a simple meditation cushion to support the head and neck during relaxation exercises. A yoga bolster is often used for the more passive, recovering types of yoga, such as yin yoga. However, a yoga bolster can be used in multiple ways and if you are a bit creative, you can use it for any yoga style, both at home and in the yoga studio.

A Yogamat Online yoga bolster is an eco-friendly choice

Yogamat Online distinguishes itself from other brands by working in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. The products in our web shop meet the highest ethical and environmental standards. Our yoga bolsters are made of GOTS certified organic cotton and are filled with purified buckwheat chaff. This makes them completely biodegradable.  Our products meet the OEKO TEX label standards. Colouring the yoga bolsters is also done in an eco-friendly way, to ensure that no hazardous substances are released during the production process. If an eco-friendly lifestyle appeals to you, the yoga bolsters in the Yogamat Online web shop are the right choice for you.

Purchasing a yoga bolster at Yogamat Online

The assortment of Yogamat Online offers yoga bolsters of the responsible brand Ecoyogi, in different trendy colours. These yoga bolsters support you and help you to relax. They also support you in different yoga positions. Besides that, purchasing a bolster in the web shop of Yogamat Online will give you a good feeling, since all of our products are produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. For the more conscious yogi, we have a large assortment of responsible yoga bolsters!