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€17,50 €14,50

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We think that it's very important that you choose the right yoga mat. That's why we have implemented nifty filters that can help you make your choice. In this category, you will find all mats, by default. By filtering to your wishes, such as dimensions, brand or price, you will get to see a selection. Choose a yoga mat from this selection and you are certain that this mat meets all the selected criteria.

Top quality mats

We are always looking for the best yoga mats, because we find the quality of a yoga mat of utmost importance. Before a yoga mat hits our shelves, we make sure that this gets tested extensively. That's why we have a lot of interaction with various yoga studio's and are we always busy to test our products. In doing so, we can offer the best quality against competitive prices. This is also applicable to our other products, of course.

Besides a good price/quality ratio, it is of course important that the yoga mat is safe. Therefore, every yoga mat in our assortment meets the most strict European health standards and environmental regulations. Hence, no yoga mat contains substances that affect your health or damage environment.

Wide range of yoga mats

Our range contains a lot of different yoga mats. We offer mats for various purposes, of different sizes and by multiple brands. By offering such a wide range, we can always hit you up with just the right yoga mat.

Do you still need some advice after browsing our products? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Being yoga experts, we are capable of giving competent advice so that you can pick the right yoga mat with full satisfaction and conviction.