Yoga towel

Yoga towel a valuable addition

Whether you are a beginner or have been working out in the studio for years, a yoga towel is a valuable addition to practicing yoga. Yoga towels have proven to be helpful over and over again and the many advantages are not to be denied.

For example, a yoga towel often has the same dimensions as a yoga mat. This is obviously very nifty, because a towel that is too large or too small often causes annoyances. 
Besides this, a yoga towel is made of a very soft fabric. This delivers a feeling of optimal comfort while practicing yoga. Moreover, a yoga towel is made of an absorbent material. Therefore, sweat is well absorbed during an intensive yoga session and keeps your face and hands sweat-free.

Application of yoga towels

A yoga towel can be used in various ways, on the basis of your personal wishes. Depending on the quality of the yoga towel, it can also be used as an independent yoga mat, travel mat or to cover a yoga mat for extra comfort.

Especially the latter is an important reason to choose for a special yoga towel. In practice, a lot of yogi notice that a yoga mat does not always offer enough grip and protection during an intensive yoga session. It is essential to do asanas and other exercises without slipping. A proper towel can make the difference in succeeding to do the yoga exercises or not.

Hygenische aspects to buy a yoga towel 

The hygienic aspect is also a reason to consider buying a yoga towel. This is because a towel offers a hygienic protective layer between you and the yoga mat. This is especially a good idea in studios where you don't use your own yoga mat.

Choosing the best yoga towel for you is often a matter of comparing basic factors.